Cutting scissors Leader Italian style

Cutting scissors Leader Italian style


Professional scissors for hairdressers that combine aesthetic pleasure and great comfort of use.


It is a scissor that stands out immediately for its unmistakable design. But, in this case, aesthetics is only the anticipation of the feeling of well-being that will reach you as soon as you have it in your hands. Comfort, ergonomics and aesthetic pleasure are inextricably linked. Each cut will leave you fully of satisfied.

Leader Italian Style is a valuable product: its production consists of 250 manual steps. The steel has a double hardening and deep-freezed to a temperature of -120 ° C, so that the metal reaches a perfect stabilization to give an inimitable smoothness of the blades and lengthen the life of the cutting edge.

The handle is ergonomic, the screw has a ballbearing system. The advantage of this mechanical solution is the reduction of the frictions and the achievement of a remarkable smoothness of the blades. The tension of the blades is manually adjustable to adapt the scissors personally to your needs.

Product Details

Data Sheet

Steel Type – Leader Steel 440 Super®

Sharpening type – Convex

Handle – Ergonomic

Screw – With ball bearings

Weight- 50 g