Sharpening Service

Sharpening Service


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Professional sharpening service for Leader scissors and for scissors of all other brands.

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Our professional sharpening service is a real check-up of your scissors. Our experts, with the help of highly performing machinery, will allow you to get back, in a short time, a nearly new scissor. Rely on the professionals if you care about your scissors: only a few have the skills to perform such processes and the appropriate machines to execute them. Your scissor will be first inspected to understand its degree of wear, then sharpenned with manual and mechanical interventions.

In the next phase, balancing is performed. At this point the laser marking is done to indicate the inspection date. Then a cutting test and a specific packaging to be finally returned to you, with our courier.

We would like to remind you one important thing: if you have any doubts about the health of your scissors, do not hesitate to contact us first on ++61 402 436 733 or send us a photo to the e-mail address:


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